Valentine’s Special Menu


Valentine’s Day is coming up this Sunday♡

In Japan, the tradition is that women give guys chocolates

But here in the U.S, apparently guys give girls / women a gift !!

Generally, roses are presented along with a gift

2015 valentine pancakesIn Japan, it’s a day when women get butterflies, but looks like on the U.S, it’s the other way around ~

Here at Eggs’n Things, we have an exclusive special menu that is perfect for Valentines Day~

Red Velvet Pancake

It’s a passionate red pancake perfect for lovers, with white chocolate chips and whip cream!

And we topped it with red sprinkles and condensed milk ♡

Why not share it with your special someone

This special valentines pancake will be in stores starting this Saturday 2/13.

So who will you be giving gifts to this Valentines Day~??



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New Eco bags and an Incentive!


Today, we want to share with you these products.

Since July 1, 2015, the State of Hawaii made it mandatory that retail merchants no longer give out free bags that are compostable. Therefore, each stores are selling the shopping bags for a small fee.

This law was made in order to decrease waste disposal, and taking into account that we must protect the environment on our beautiful island.

You probably have noticed that many stores now sell their own eco bags♪

We have some really cute orginal eco bags as well♪

Perfect to use for shopping while you’re in Hawaii, or to take it back home as gifts to friends and families at home◎

We have 2 sizes

Eco bag Small $5.50

Perfect size for going on a quick shopping

It looks small but you”ll be pleasantly surprised that it holds a lot more then it looks!!






Length 28㎝ × Width 22.5㎝ × Depth 17㎝

Eco Bag Large $7.50

If you’re on a mission to really go on a shopping spree, the Large size is for you!!






Height 41.5㎝ × Width 33.5㎝ × Depth18.5㎝

Both are made out of water proof durable material♪

These are sold at Saratoga Flagship and the Alamoana locations:)

We ask that you help us in protecting the Hawaii environment ( aina )!


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Let’s all have fun taking pictures at Eggs ‘n Things!


Today, we want to share with you some items to make taking selfies and what not a lot more fun!

We have these fun photo props at the Eggs’n Things restaurants ♪

I ❤ Eggs’n Things photo prop!

We have this one at all three locations♪

Green is Saratoga exclusive color


Pink is Ala Moana exclusive color

IMG_11411Yellow is Waikiki Beach Eggspress exclusive color

Why not try taking pictures using all 3 colors?!

Next one is an instaframe exclusively at the Saratoga Flagship♪

S__1966549You can find this at the downstairs cafe section.

Taking pictures while you’re waiting might be a good idea!

FYI, the Number of Likes is the Saratoga store’s phone number :)

If you’ll be uploading to your SNS don’t forget!


We look forward to seeing the pictures of you and Eggs’n Things ♪



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Our Recommendations on Small Gifts to take home

Aloha and a very Happy New Year!

We thank you for your patronage and look forward to seeing you again this year!

So, it’s 2016!

New Years Eve in Countries such as Japan is very quiet , but here in Hawaii it’s quite different!

There’s multiple fireworks around the Island and people are in the mood to party!!

So this New Year’s Eve was a bit of a cultural shock for me :)

So, our first blog of the year, we would like to share with you retail items from our store that are all $5 or under ♪

Stickers $4.50

IMG_1438So let’s start off with our original Stickers

We have lots of different designs to choose from, so maybe you can get your friend the same design in a different color

It’s cool to stick it on to your suitcase as a remembrance to your Hawaii trip too ☆

Rubber Key Chain $5.00

IMG_1436We offer 4 designs that are also very popular as our sticker version

Use it for your house key and car key, and you’ll be with Eggs’n Things all the time ♪

Honey (2oz)$4.00

IMG_1437These are Hawaiian honey in an adorable teddy bear bottle.

It’s so cute you can even use as a decorative ornament for your room ♪

We offer 2 flavor

Black Cap:Macadamia Nuts

Yellow Cap :Rainbow Blossom

Teddy Bear Key Chain $4.50

IMG_1439It’s a miniature version of the earlier mentioned honey ( without the real honey inside )☆

Aren’t these cute? We have 5 color options :)

Maybe get 1 of each and give it to friends and families :)

IMG_1440Coin Case $5.00

And last but not the least, our coin case

Multiple colors to choose from so pick your favorite color ♪

Every one of these items are compact enough to make packing into your suitcases so easy!

Please take back home with you your memories with us at Eggs’n Things ~


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Happy New Year!

Thank you all of helping us have a great 2015. We are Eggscited for what 2016 brings. We wish you and all your families the best. We hope to see each and everyone of you some time this year. Mahalo Nui Loa for all the love and support. We are truly blessed.

– Eggs ‘n ThingsIMG_1313

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Mele Kalikimaka!

Mele Kalikimaka!!

( Merry Christmas!!)

It’s Christmas time ☆

It’s an exciting time of the year with the Christmas Trees and decorations all around town ♪

But here on the Island, the weather is warm so maybe for some, it’s kind of odd – not too ” Christmas -y Christmas” ^^;

Here at Eggs’ n Things, we have two special menu items exclusively for Christmas !

Christmas White Chocolate Chip Strawberry Pancake

IMG_4657It’s strawberry, white chocolate chip and loads of whip cream with Christmas colored sprinkles on top of our fluffy light pancakes, it’s irresistible just looking at it ♪

The other special is Christmas White Chocolate Chip Strawberry French Toast

IMG_4658Did you know that here at Eggs’n Things, we use ” Hawaiian Sweet Bread” for our French toast ?

Our French Toast is just subtly sweet, so we get comments from people who don’t particularly have a sweet tooth that even they can still finish the whole plate ( and if you like it sweeter, we have our maple, coconut and guava syrup to accompany it ) !! :)

This Christmas Special French toast is topped with lots of strawberries, white chocolate chip , whipped cream, drizzled with strawberry sauce and Christmas color sprinkles !

If you’ve had our pancakes but not our French toast yet, then you really have to try this ~

These Christmas exclusive menu are available only during 12/24-26.

We hope to see you all !

Mahalo and Merry Christmas!

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Our Store Hours during the holidays


Here’s our holiday business hour for each location.

unnamed○Saratoga Flagship

12/24 6:00~14:00 ( Retail from 7:00~16:00)

12/25 Normal Business Hours ( we will be open between 14:00~16:00 as well )

12/31 6:00~14:00( Retail from 7:00~16:00)

1/1  Normal Business Hours

○Ala Moana

12/24 6:00~18:00

12/25 Closed

12/31 6:00~18:00

1/1  Normal Business Hours

○ Waikiki Beach Eggspress

12/24 Normal Business Hour

12/25 Normal Business Hour

12/31 Normal Business Hour

1/1  Normal Business Hour

Thank you for your cooperation and understandings.  We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and an Eggscellent New Year!

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Honolulu Marathon Specials!

We have a few Marathon Specials to announce. Our Traditional Vegetarian Marathon Pasta for a Pre-Run Carb load. We are selling this with a house salad for $9.95 at all 3 Hawaii Locations. We’ll be serving this from Friday Night – Sunday 12/11 – 12/13. It is made with olive oil, White wine and fresh vegetables and Penne Pasta. A perfect pre-marathon Meal with Carbs, Vitamins and nutrients. You can add on our Gluten Free Chicken Mango Sausage for $3.00.

Eggs ‘n Things has been doing this same dish only for the Marathon for over 10 years! A limited time only, and a great value.


At our Saratoga Location we also have these “Recovery Smoothies” for a post run treat.
Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday 12/12-12/15. These are made special just for the Marathon and the dedicated runners. It is the perfect after Marathon drink. We put pure Whey Protein in each drink and we give a discount to any runner wearing their 2015 Marathon shirt.

Take your pick of the 3 flavors for$7.00 or $5.50 if you are wearing your 2015 Marathon shirt.

We have:
Peanut Butter, Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie

Orange Dream Protein Smoothie (Made with 100% OJ and Milk)

Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie


Come by and celebrate your great accomplishment with Eggs ‘n Things.

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Rain Ponchos: A must have for this time of year


It’s our rainy season here in Hawaii and we often get sudden showers.

Yep! When you leave the house it’s a beautiful sunny day and all of the sudden… you’re soaking wet!

So let us recommend this ” must have” to keep you dry♪

Rain Poncho for Adults

Take a look at one of our staff modeling the poncho!

Bright Yellow color with our ” Eggs ‘n Things ” logo… Nice, isn’t it!?

What it looks like this when you spread out your arms.rain poncho2

The Size is “free” so it’ll fit most people :)

Our staff in the picture is pretty tall, but you can see he still has room!rain poncho1

If you have an umbrella, it’s kinda hard to go shopping with one hand, but with this rain poncho, both hands are free so it’s going to be less stressful♪

Rain Poncho’s are sold right next to our retail check out at all 3 of our Hawaii locations and our Guam location.rain poncho3

We have samples inside so please take a look and check it out.

See you all soon :)


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New Totes in!

Here it is…


Take a look at the new colors that just arrived for our ever popular jersey fabric tote bag ♪

It’s in Casual Navy and Chic Black.

aillis201511271721379The Eggs’n Things logo in glitter makes this bag really fashionable and extra special ♪

The fabric is super soft, really comfy and convenient to carry it around…

Please come by and check it out :)


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