New Products Online


We have new items in our online Eggs ‘n Things shop! !

These are items you may have already seen in our gift shop in Hawaii, but we decided to add them to the lineup of our online shop too! Now there are even more “things” to enjoy while you are away from Hawaii.

13 new things to be exact! !

We hope to add more products to our line up in the future, but let’s start with these.

<Original pancake syrup 6.8 oz / $ 6.00>


This is the very same pancake syrup you have enjoyed in our restaurants and seen in our gift shop! Use it on  crepes, pancakes, waffles or even ice cream. Now you can enjoy Eggs ‘n Things right in your own home.

<Eggs ‘n Things Original Coffee Mug (White) / $ 8.50>

 Not too big and not too small in a size which is easy to handle, stable and easy to use.

<Eggs ‘n Things Original Egg Mug (Yellow) / $ 11.50>

Our original Eggs ‘n Things mug.
A pretty yellow mug designed with rounded features.

<Eggs ‘n Things Original Egg Mug (Brown) / $ 11.50>

  Another original Eggs ‘n Things coffee mug. This time in a chic brown color.

<Eggs ‘n Things Original Rainbow pouch (M size) / $ 12.00>

This is a pretty, medium sized pouch with a rainbow pattern. Very convenient for small items! !

<Eggs ‘n Things Original Round Rainbow pouch (L size) / $ 15.00>

A larger version of our Rainbow pattern pouch. Convenient for to put even more of your small items!

<Eggs ‘n Things original trapezoidal Rainbow pouch (L size) / $ 15.00>


Our Eggs ‘n Things L pouch in a cute trapezoidal shape.

<Eggs ‘n Things original round pancake pouch (L size) / $ 15.00>

A pancake themed pattern for Eggs ‘n Things with rounded edges. Convenient for small items! !

<Tote bag (horizontal size L) (PALM TREE) / $ 22.50>

A cute tote bag with a palm tree design.
Convenient and very large, these totes can fit magazines! !

<Tote Bag (Vertical L size) (WHALE) / $ 22.50>

Our whale themed tote bag with a vertical orientation. Big enough to fit magazines.


This is our  limited pancake Eco-Bag for our 40th anniversary! It is a two-tone design.

<40 Anniversary Flower eco bag / $ 23.00>

Another 40th anniversary limited edition Flower Eco-Bag with a two-tone design.

<Luggage tag / $ 10.00>

Our Luggage Tag is made of denim that you can wash if needed. Safe even on a rainy day because it is also waterproof! !




  Please visit to check out these and other wonderful gift ideas ! !


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Coconut & Guava Syrups


Wow! It feels like we just celebrated the new year, but it is April already!
Spring ♫ will be here soon!
We have some new designed bottles for our coconut and guava syrups! !
Both are priced at $ 7.95! !
You can purchase them at any of our restaurants! !
Along with some of our other items, they are available for purchase on website
if you can’t get to Hawaii.
[Here are the links]
Coconut syrup 8.3oz $ 7.95
· Guava syrup 8.3oz $ 7.95
These syrups go great with our original pancake mix. You can enjoy Eggs ‘n Things right in your own home!
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Waikiki Beach Eggspress



Today I’d like to introduce and tell you about another one of our locations… The Waikiki Beach Eggspress!


Here is a map


The Eggspress faces the ocean and has a great view of Waikiki Beach.




One of the great things about the Eggspress is that you can always order takeout!



It has a different ordering system than our other locations.


First, you actually order before you get into the restaurant (The long line you see is people waiting to order)

Like this↓


From there, one person heads to the cashier to pay while the others in the party wait for a seat on the right


The Eggspress also features a drink station



A nice breeze from the ocean fills the restaurant. The view is also fantastic!





Come on by and check out the Waikiki Beach Eggspress☆




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UNICEF Relief Fund for the Phillipines

 Through December 31st, Eggs ‘n Things will be fundraising for the relief effort in the Philippines.
For each Pork Adobo Fried Rice ($14.95) purchased, $7.50 will go to UNICEF for the Typhoon Yolanda Relief Fund.
Pork Adobo Fried Rice is available at all locations until December 31st!
Also, in addition to Pork Adobo Fried Rice we have…
Pork Lumpia*  $8.95 (Ala Moana location only)
pork lumpia
“Banana Lumpia Ala Mode* $7.95 (Ala Moana location only)
banana lumpia
*Banana Spring Rolls with Vanilla Ice Cream
Please come down to our Ala Moana location, enjoy some great food and support a worthy cause!!
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Delicious Pancake Syrups


Well, the holiday spirit sure seems to be growing!

In fact the season’s cheer can be felt all over Hawaii!! Decorations are up and the mood is festive.
Of course we here at Eggs ‘n Things are feeling it too♫
December is in full-swing and so you know what that means…

Shopping for gifts!
Don’t worry, Eggs ‘n Things has a way to help you with your gift giving!
And that is…
By popular demand…
『Pancake Syrup』!!!
You can enjoy the same syrups we use in our restaurants!

Come down to our gift shop, pick up some of our pancake mix, and serve it to your family at home!

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Gift Cards


Today we are going to introduce something new here at Eggs ‘n Things! !

Our new Gift card system was introduced in November at Eggs ‘n Things! !

After the Gift Card is charged with cash, you can use it at our Restaurants, Gift Shops and Cafe!

(Not available for use on our online shop ※.)

Gift card are currently being sold at our Saratoga, Waikiki Beach Eggspress and Ala Moana locations.

Each gift card, must first charged with cash (from $ 20), then you can you use it for a period of up to five years!


Of course, The expiration date can be extended for five years from the date that by charging it again.

(recharging can be done in increments of $ 5※.)

We hope you get a chance to share the Eggs ‘n Things love with friends and family or just use it for yourself!!



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Saratoga New Hours


Up until now, Eggs ‘n Things Saratoga’s hours of operation have been 6am – 2pm & 5pm – 10pm.

From September 16th, Monday, Dinner service will begin one hour earlier!!

4:00 pm10:00 pm

We’ve extended our hours so that even more Eggs ‘n Things fans can join us!


The Cafe and Retail store remain open throughout the day, so please come on by!


Pancakes taste great at night too! 



Eggs ‘n Things Saratoga
343 Saratoga Road Honolulu, Hawaii 96815 Tel: (808) 923-EGGS (3447)

FAX: (808) 924-EGGS (3447)

Hours of Operation: 
6:00 am – 2:00 pm、 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Eggs ‘n Things Waikiki Beach Eggspress

2464 Kalakaua Avenue Honolulu Hawaii 96815

Tel & Fax: (808) 926-EGGS (3447)

Hours of Operation: 
6:00 am – 2:00 pm、 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm



Eggs ‘n Things Ala Moana

451 Piikoi St. Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

 Tel & Fax: (808) 538-3447

Hours of Operation: Sun – Th 6:00 am – 10:00 pm

           Fri & Sat: 6:00 am – 12:00 am

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Ala Moana


Usually I write about the Saratoga location, but today I’ll be talking about our Ala Moana Location!

Here is a map of the Ala Moana location!!

The restaurant is on the north west end of Ala Moana Center

Here is an easy way to access us from the Ala Moana Post Office


Here is a shot of the exterior!!

Eggs ‘n Things Ala Moana is our 3rd and largest location!

Here some shots of the restaurant’s interior.

We are lucky to have so many customers visiting!

Our Ala Moana Location is the only restaurant that serves alcohol (from 4PM)

There are also specials only available at Eggs ‘n Things Ala Moana!

↑This is one of our PM specials (from noon) Fresh Mixed Salad($8.95)with Cajun Ahi ($4.95)as a topping☆

↑Here is one of our Pork Adobo Fried Rice ($13.95)available from 4pm☆

It actually began as an employee meal that our chef JR made, but it was just too good to keep to ourselves! Now everyone can enjoy it♫

Give it a try next time you visit☆


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Today we will be answering a question we are frequently asked at our Saratoga location.

And that question is…

Do you have parking?

Unfortunately, Eggs ‘n Things Saratoga does not have its own parking.

【Eggs ‘n Things Ala Moana has a lot of free parking】

So what should if I am driving to the Saratoga location, what should I do?

Well, no worries, the Waikiki Post Office directly across from Eggs ‘n Things Saratoga has a pay lot!

 There are also metered parking stalls on Saratoga Road heading toward the beach.

These are the closest parking options to Eggs ‘n Things Saratoga
※Sorry we do not validate

Have a good day~!!


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Saratoga Summer Special Set

Saratoga Special Summer Set! !

Each set includes

· Original Pancake Mix large (908g) × 2 [$ 18.00 × 2]

· Coconut syrup (8oz) [$ 6.00]

· Guava syrup (8oz) [$ 6.00]

· Macadamia Nut Honey (2oz) [$ 4.00]

· Rainbow Blossom Honey (2oz) [$ 4.00]

· Original coaster × 5 pieces set [$ 22.50]

Plus these extras!!!

· Pancake Mix (8oz)

· Yellow eco bag

$ 9.50!  value!


Our Special Price:  [$ 78.50]


Please visit our gift shop at Saratoga to take advantage of this incredible deal!

Saratoga Special Summer Set! !


Have a great summer vacation!!

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