New Men’s Hats Have Arrived!

We’re happy to announce that our new caps are available now!
This black distressed cap was inspired by our most popular cap, but this time we changed color to be more stylish and modern.
New caps4Featured distress marks on the front bill to give it that vintage look.
Our employees are wearing this cap and love it!
New caps3
These new caps that made from real denim with our “Eggs “n Things” logo embroidered on the front.
We have two different colors.
Both of these are with a fashionable leather adjuster on the back side.New caps2
These are all exclusive to our Eggs “n Things store in Hawaii.  Come by and check them out.
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2018 Spam Jam

and Mahalo to everyone who stopped by our booth at the Spam Jam Festival this past Saturday.

2018-04-28 19.15.54Our booth was located perfectly where we could see the beautiful sunset, and we were serving our original Spam creations for that day only.

2018-04-28 19.20.11Thanks to everyone who made his year a success, we even sold of the Spam Cheesecake before we closed!

Hope to see everyone next year!

– Mahalo2018-04-28 19.14.50 2018-04-28 19.15.25

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2018 Spam Jam!


We have an exciting event this weekend on Kalakaua Ave.

Spam Jam is upon us once again.

This event is expected to have 30,000+ participants and attendees.
It is a celebration of Spam, a local staple food.

Eggs ‘n Things will have a booth near the Waikiki Police Station, so come on down and try our spam creations this year.

We will be serving Haupia (Coconut) Spam Cheese Cake Cups with Chocolate Oreo Crust” and “Spam Nuggets”.

Enlight68See everyone there!

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New Denim Bags


Eggs’n Things is glad to announce that we have a new exclusive bag!

Heart logo with AliyaOur new bag was inspired by our popular jersey bags, but this time we switched over to denim and put a golden heart logo on the side. These are made from real denim.

This bag has 2 small pockets that you can put your keys, phone, or other small items inside!

We also recommend grabbing yourself a cute bear key chain with this bag!
This bag is sold Exclusively within the Eggs ‘n Things Brand whether it be our Flagship store on Saratoga, or our online shop(

Heart logo with bear


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Kahuku Farms, Lilikoi Butter

Kahuku Farms was established in Kahuku(an area on the north side of Oahu,) over 100 years ago.

Their Lilikoi(Passionfruit) Butter is one of their most popular items and can only be found every Saturday at KCC Farmers Market.

We are now proud to announce that we are serving this Lilikoi Butter as an additional option, and recommend you to try them on our Pancakes, Waffles, and Toast! People love this thing with their toast.  It is a great thing to take home as well.

These will also be available for purchase in our gift shop at the Saratoga Eggs ‘n Things!

Lilikoi Butter


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New Foldable Bag

I’m not sure if you all know, but Hawaii is trying very hard to eliminate unnecessary waste. One way they are doing that is by forcing the consumers to bring their own bags to put their items in, so we don’t have so many paper and plastic bags being put into our landfills. Soon, from July 1st, they will make it illegal for us to give or even sell paper or plastic disposable bags. For a few years now, we have been trying to make sure we have option for our customers when they buy a bunch of products and can’t carry them all by hand.

We’re adding this foldable bag option to the mix. This compact foldable bag is the perfect shopping at a grocery store or at any retail store.
It can folded and put into a bag and left in your bags until needed.

IMG_6436It’s easy steps to be compact bag!

1, Place a bag flat surface.Foldable Eco Bags(1)

2, Open the flap Then fold two handles down.

Foldable Eco Bags(2)
3, Fold one side.

Foldable Eco Bags(3)
4, Do the same on the other side.

Foldable Eco Bags(4)
5, Roll up the bag from the bottom.

Foldable Eco Bags(5)
6, Fold the flap over until it contacts the velcro.

Foldable Eco Bags(6)
7, Finished!! Nice and compact, ready to put in your purse or pocket.

Foldable Eco Bags(7)

This is exclusive to our Eggs ‘n Things store in Hawaii.

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Saratoga, Adjusted Hours this Week

Our Saratoga location will close at 1:30 pm and re-open at 5:00 pm on 3/12/218 and 3/14/2018.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you.
Our Ala Moana and Eggspress (Kalakaua) will be open as normal.


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Our Kona Rainforest Coffee


Let us introduce our new coffee that we serve at all of our restaurants!

This premium blend of Kona Coffee combines a taste of the islands with certified Rainforest Alliance coffee, creating a delicate well-rounded flavor profile.

Enlight40Rainforest Alliance is a non-profit organization that ensures the conservation of ecosystems by protecting healthy soils, rivers and wildlife and by promoting dignified living conditions for farm workers and neighboring rural communities.

See details

We serve this coffee at all of our Hawaii restaurants.
You can also buy this in a packaged Ground coffee at our Retail store!


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20% off at Night Stamp

P.M. 20% off Restaurant Stamp

Right now we have a deal for everyone to enjoy our food a second time at a cheaper price!

How does it work?

When you dine with us in the morning, we will stamp your receipt for a discount at dinner time (4PM till Close).


“Come back after 4pm within 3 days and get 20% off your entire check!”

The offer will be valid for all food, beverage, and take out orders excluding alcohol and retail.

We hope to see you at night with your stamped receipt to get your 20% discount.


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2018 Valentine’s Special Pancakes

Happy Valentine’s Day♡

This year to celebrate Valentine’s Day we will be offering special pancake.

Valentine’s Day Strawberry Vanilla Pancakes

These pancakes will come a three fluffy cake with white chocolate chips inside, covered in our original strawberry vanilla haupia(coconut) sauce and topped with whipped cream covered in red and pink heart sprinkles.

Enlight37Come down to Eggs ‘n Things to share these special pancakes with your special someone! All of our workers who tried it, said this is by far the best pancakes they have ever had.  I was one of them… and we eat a lot of pancakes.

They will only be available between 2/13 – 2-15

We hope to see you during this season of love!

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