Honolulu Marathon Special Omelet


The 2017 Honolulu Marathon will be held this Sunday, December 10th.
Thousands of participants are coming to enjoy this event every year.

honomara940529Every year, we have a special menu for the Marathon Runners and their supporters.  Usually we do a Vegetarian Marathon Pasta, but we found people wanted something with more protein. So this year we came up with this:

Our “Marathon Omelet” which is a 3 Egg Omelet that will include Spinach, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Turkey Bacon, and Cheese served with our homemade salsa.  All our eggs are fresh local eggs, hand cracked.  IMG_9939

Let’s try our 3 local fresh egg omelets and we hope it’s going to to fill your stomach and get your body ready for that long long run. It comes with Rice, Potatoes or Pancakes.

It’s available in egg whites at no extra charge and you can even get it with Gluten Sensitive  tri-colored potatoes for a slight additional charge.


We will be serving this limited menu item from 12/9/17 – 12/11/17 at all our Oahu locations.  We hope to see you all this weekend.  And Good luck to all you Runners!



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