Our Christmas Special!

Christmas is right around the corner!

We have a new special pancake for Christmas. Well, it’s a old one that we revamped just for a special.

*Caramel Pecan Pancakes*
These are, Pecan Pancakes, topped with whipped cream, maple candied pecans, and caramel sauce. They are amazing!

Enlight19Since 1974, we had Pecan Pancakes as a staple on our menu.
Then in the early 2000’s the price of pecan were so high that sadly we had to took them off the menu.
For this Christmas, we are bringing these back, with a slight update and holiday twist.
We candied our own pecans with maple syrup, butter and sugar to make these extra special and we sprinkle them over pecan pancakes, drizzle it with caramel sauce, and they have the perfect texture and balance of sweet and savory!

Let’s try our reborn pecan pancakes!


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